MCCS celebrated Grandparents’ Day with Mass at 8:30 am, followed by donuts, coffee and a book fair in our cafeteria.  We have such a loving community, and LOTS of parents and grandparents came out to celebrate with us.  Our grandparents are irreplaceable, an extra layer of love, given to us by God our Father.  No matter what age we are, or even if they have already died and passed into eternal life, their influence lives on helping to shape us into better people.  These children witnessed your love and support today as you joined in our celebration.  Fr. Augusty tried to get students to tell why they love their grandparents so much, but the chatty-chatty kids became very quiet when the microphone was held in front of them!!  Thanks to all who were able to be with us today, and a prayer of blessing for those who were not able to be here.