On Thursday, April 26 at 6:30 pm, eighteen young men and women received the sacrament of Confirmation. Bishop Medley joined us for the celebration, as he is the normal minister of the sacrament. It was a wonderful celebration for the parishes of St. William and St. Lawrence! Now these young people are strengthened with the gifts of the Holy Spirit and ready to serve the Church as we all lead each other to Jesus! Top row: Dawson Fulkerson, Brody Kurz, Bishop Medley, Jayden Lanham, Owen Payne Middle row: Alex Howard, Haley Barnett, Isaiah Clouse, Molly Brown, Taryn Lanham, Riley Millay, Hunter Smith Bottom row: Maya Payne, Audrey Lanham, Emilyann Petri, Mallory Lanham, Ezra Mattingly, Elijah Moore, Tanner Miller, Fr. John O’Koro

​These two pictures are the Mary Carrico Catholic School 8th grade class on Confirmation evening.  They are a very special group of young men and women, and we are so proud of them!  God has a mission for each of you.  Always stay connected to Him through the Holy Spirit, and go out to make the world better!!